Talk Schedule

If you live in the Montreal, Quebec area, and would like Stephen Cohen (The Engineer's Pulse blogger) to speak at your school, conference, or company, please send a request email to:



  • Oct 6, Palais des Congres, Montreal (as part of the Montreal Space Symposium):
    The Space Elevator
  • March 23, Vanier College: Building and Operating an Elevator to Space


  • Nov 4, 6 pm - 8 pm, 4525 St-Jacques, Montreal (more details here)
    Space Elevators: The future of going up
  • Sept 14, International Education at Vanier College
    Pre-reading Assignments: Bringing your personal blog to the classroom
  • October 2, International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2014)
    Static Deformation of Space Elevator Tether due to Climber
  • April 25, Vanier College: Incorporating Blogging into Your Teaching
  • March 26, Vanier College: Building and Operating an Elevator to Space
  • March 14, Vanier College: Robo Sapiens
  • March 19, Vanier College: The Space Elevator
  • March 23, Vanier College: Robo Sapiens
  • April 20, Vanier College: The Engineer's Virtual Toolbox
  • October 8, Vanier College: The Space Elevator
  • November 3, Riverdale High School: The Space Elevator